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Military Life & Pregnancy.

This Friday I’ll be 32 weeks pregnant.  Where is the time going?  We are almost done with baby’s nursery, which is a relief, since I tend to feel like I’ll never be finished painting.

Overall, my pregnancy has been great, other than some kidney stones that decided to rear their ugly heads.  Normally, I feel well-rested & confident about what’s coming our way. I’m still running, albeit a bit slower than my norm, and have been attending a mom’s group called Hike it Baby.  It’s been really nice to make some friends, especially friends who are moms, and many who also are military spouses.

Speaking of the military, transitioning to life here has been the hardest.  When my husband and I met & got married, he was on a “shore duty” which meant his schedule was much more like a “normal” 9-5 and he came home every night.  Now, we’ve been here for nearly 5 months and he has been gone for at least 1/3 of that time and has duty days in addition to underways.  Plainly put, I miss him.  The emotions of pregnancy make his absences seem so much longer and painful and miserable, if I can complain for a moment.  When we came here, I felt ready & prepared for him to be gone more frequently, but once it actually started happening, I realized I didn’t want to be ready or prepared.  I don’t even want him to leave.  I cry every time he leaves, even though I try not to and try to wait until he has actually left.  It’s just so hard.

He will hopefully be home briefly when baby arrives, before leaving for a longer period of time.  This hurts my heart the most, because my husband is one of the most helpful and giving people and I don’t want our kiddo to miss out on any time spent bonding with his daddy.  I am so grateful for the sacrifices my husband makes, but I feel so guilty that he is going to miss out on this irreplaceable time in order to support us and help defend our country.

My plan so far is to have my husband prepare the recordable books we have been given and I also plan on making videos of him reading books/talking to play for baby.  I want to make sure he’s always on speakerphone when he calls.  I have grand plans of making videos showcasing “a day in our life” monthly to mail on flash drives, so I hope those pan out the way I am imagining them.  I also am going to buy magnet paper to print photos on that my husband can stick in his rack, and mail him photo books and pictures on a regular basis in care packages.  I just don’t feel like any of it is enough.



Long time no post.  I keep telling myself I will make blogging a regular habit and it never happens.  I used to blog all the time on my previous blog, but not so much with this one.  Life is busy!  Let’s chunk this up into some sections to update!


On Friday, I will be 25 weeks pregnant.  Time sure is flying by, which I did not think was going to happen.  When I first found out I was pregnant in March, November seemed SO FAR AWAY, but no, it’s not.  It’s less than 4 months away, which is a little scary.  We still have SO much to do to get ready for our little nugget.  We are having our baby shower next month back home and I am so, so, so excited for that!  Until then, I will be enjoying the great parts of pregnancy (baby wiggles!) and trying to enjoy the uncomfortable parts.


I’ve had a friend staying with me most of the summer and she’s my eating partner.  I’ve been using her sourdough starter to make all sorts of tasty treats including waffles, bread, and pretzels.  We’ve also been eating out at really great restaurants.  We went to the No Frill Bar & Grill last night and got the largest order of nachos I’ve ever seen.  They were fairly epic, and certainly the best nachos I’ve had in Norfolk, top 3 overall anywhere.

                                                   IMG_5122 IMG_5166

Military Life!

So Norfolk is still an adjustment.  Yesterday, the “feels like” temperature was 104 degrees.  No thank you.  I’m still adapting to the aspect of military life that my husband doesn’t come home every night.  Our last duty station was recruiting, so it was a Monday-Friday sort of job, but my husband’s “normal” job is not like that and requires deployments (both long and short) and duty every few days so he isn’t home.  It’s very weird for me, but I’m figuring it all out!