A Day in my Life: 4/1/14.

I used to write a daily blog.  I wrote about seriously mundane things, especially considering I was a touched too concerned with how much I was eating and exercising.  I have to say though, I enjoyed writing “day in the life” posts, mostly because I enjoyed reading them.  So, last Tuesday, I decided that I wanted to document a current day in my life.

5:35 – Wake up.  I injured my neck the previous Friday and it kept me up most of the night.  I let our dogs out, feed them, and bring them upstairs to my husband to snuggle.  I put in my contacts, put on SPF face lotion & mascara and brush my teeth.  I get dressed and go downstairs, very jealous of the three boys in bed!  I pack our lunches and make breakfast smoothies and tea.  I pull the crockpot dinner I prepped the night before out of the fridge and plug it in.

IMG_1919 IMG_1920 IMG_1922 

6:15 – I leave my house to go to a chiropractor appointment.  He does some adjustments, acupuncture, and manual release of my  neck and shoulder muscles.  As I leave my appointment, I run into my dad heading in, which makes me smile.  Small town life.

IMG_1924 IMG_1925

7:18 – I quickly stop at Wal-Mart and raid the toiletry department.  I buy Q-Tips, ibuprofen, deodorant, contact solution, band aids, and gum.

IMG_1927 IMG_1926

7:40 – I’m at work and finally drinking my smoothie.  Today’s smoothie was organic milk, microwaved-then-frozen banana (my husband is allergic to raw bananas), almond butter (and he’s allergic to peanuts, which is sad because almond butter sucks), and ice.


8:00 – The kids arrive and I settle into work.  I work as a paraprofessional to a variety of kids, which is challenging, but rather enjoyable and a decent way to make money through graduate school.


10:10 – I eat snack, sliced cucumbers with chipotle hummus from Trader Joe’s.  I drink my 900th cup of tea.

IMG_1930 IMG_1929

11:30 – Lunch Break!  I eat apples, pretzel nuggets and peanut butter in the car while driving home to let the puppy out.  My friend and I decide to give up added sugar for two weeks, so my lunch is a result of poor planning on day one.  No added sugar, but pretty lame!

IMG_1932 IMG_1934

12:00 – Back at work for recess duty for the young’uns.  So glad spring is finally appearing.

2:45 – My (work)day is over, but after school program is just beginning.  We go outside for afternoon recess after snack and I head to the kitchen to snack on a banana and prep ingredients for the kids to make mini turnovers with pie crust and pie filling.


5:00-5:30 – I snuck out of work a few minutes early and went home.  I feed the dogs and let them out, feed and water our chickens, collect their eggs, start the dishwasher & a load of laundry, stir the crock pot, change and head back out the door with my yoga mat.  One of my very best friends wants to go to her first yoga class, so I take her to a gentle beginner class which was a glorious relaxing stretch.

IMG_1937 IMG_1938 IMG_1944

7:30 – Yoga is over and I head home.  Dogs go for a walk, laundry gets switched, dishwasher gets emptied, chipped nails get touched-up and I get to eat.  I made a chicken stew with chicken thighs, Guinness (leftover from St. Patrick’s Day), carrots, onion, mushrooms, and peas.  Leftovers are portioned into lunch containers for the fridge, and dishes get washed and put away.

IMG_1945 IMG_1946 IMG_1942

8:30 – I spend some time working on Summit’s training this week.  He goes to puppy class on Sundays and we get homework for the week.  He’s doing great with stay and leave it, which is this week’s work.


9:15 – I am exhausted and head to bed after one last trip outside with the dogs.  My husband got home around 11:00, but I didn’t even wake up!

Like most people, I don’t have a “typical”day, but this is pretty representative.  Obviously, I don’t have a doctor’s appointment most mornings, and unfortunately, my husband working late is pretty common!


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