26 by 26 Update–Month 1.

Hey! Just checking in with the one month status update on my 26 by 26 goal!  Five months to go until June 25th, but I made some progress this month for sure.  As a key, the strike out items are completed, the italic items are currently in progress, and the bold items are being planned.  Check out my comments in green!

1. Practice yoga weekly. I bought a 10 class pass and I’ve happily made it to yoga 4 times in the last three weeks.  I am LOVING it, and am so happy to be back on my mat.  I even bought a new, expensive mat (it was on sale!).

2. Travel to 4 countries. We are going on our honeymoon to Germany next month, so I am planning little side trips to Austria and Switzerland. 

3. Make bagels from scratch.

4. Schedule a professional photography session. We are doing this on our honeymoon, too!

5. Donate old clothes, time, and money. I donated 100$ in December to fundraisers for local people –one family’s house burned down and another had a family member diagnosed with cancer.  I have a bag of clothes to donate, but I would like to go through Darren’s clothes and my clothes one more time.

6. Go wine tasting.

7. Take a Ben & Jerry’s factory tour.

8. Get a massage. Booked for our honeymoon for both of us.

9. Order canvas print of Squam Lake from wedding photos.

10. Take Mom, Dad, and Mimi out to dinner.

11. Visit the Veteran’s home with Darren.

12. Host a dinner party.

13. Send 10 letters/cards by mail. I wrote thank you notes for wedding gifts and also some random “hello” notes to friends earlier this month. 

14. Make corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day (3.17.14).

15. Plan a 6 month anniversary surprise (5.9.14).

16. Go to a concert/show.

17. Make a craft.

18. Visit Hilary in Providence.

19. Go on a cupcake date.

20. Try homemade laundry detergent.

21. Make whoopie pies.

22. Complete a 30 day photography challenge. I am doing this for the month of January, so I will post in a few days when it is over!  It was fun!

23. Go to the Sandwich Creamery.

24. Have a technology free day.

25. Go for more walks and hikes with my husband.

26. Secret. Working on this!

I am having SO much fun with this list!  It’s fun to plan ideas and have activities to look forward to.  I am going to keep on planning yearly lists (they serve as goals and things to plan for!).

Do you set goals or make “bucket lists”?


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