I started my first blog, in August of 2009.  That blog was one that I used as a place to document my time in school, my travels, occasional recipes and my workouts.  As I got deeper and deeper into the “blog world”, I found myself wondering how people were spending so much time exercising or contemplating the nutrition of the food they were eating.  A lot of the lifestyles depicted were unhealthy, and a lot of the people seemed unhappy.  (It’s worth noting that a lot of these people I’m commenting on were the “bigger” bloggers, not the blogs I still do read and enjoy)

Following my graduation from college, I no longer felt interested in sharing every aspect of my life through blogging.  Taking pictures of everything was no longer exciting or “normal” and my life was filled with fun times with my new love.  I didn’t have time for my blog and I was disillusioned with the direction it was going in.  It was a major part of my life, but it was time to move on and take a break.

Now, nearly a year after I deleted that blog, I feel like blogging again.  I want to share the food and life-snippets that make me smile and embrace the creative outlet that blogging provides.  I hope you’ll decide to share in this new journey with me!


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